Lakuri Bhanjyang
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Location Map
Location Map
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Umesh Paudel
Mobile: 9851094093

Sajan Paudel
Mobile: 9851094093,9851089796
Lamatar-1 ,Lalitpur

About Lakuri Bhanjyang
Lakuri Bhangyang ,its a paradise located 13 kilometer up from the Gwarkho (lalitpur) .It is one of the most scenic sport in lalitpur district and is renowned for its spectacular sunrise view and the himalaya ranges when the weather is clear.the view of sunrise can be seen very closed to the eyes.The visitors often travel lakuri to spend the night so that they can be there for the breath taking sunrise.The views of cities i.e Kathmandu ,Lalitpur and Bhaktapur can be seen by sitting at lakuri .So that lakuri also offers a panoramic viewsof valley ,Himalays range at the same time mainly lakuri is popular for the view(snow cover mountain ) short treks,picnic Spot etc.The environment i.e. fresh air ,cool water, forest ,views and the cooperative local people which makes the visitor to stay whole life at the lakuri .Visitors who visit the lakuri they define lakuri as heaven .So visit lakuri to be the member of the heaven.

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